The Most Simplest Ways to Prepare for a Camping Trip

Have you prepared everything you need, including camping equipment and other camping equipment supplies? If not, it’s something you’ll want to do soon. There is much to be done before heading out on a weekend adventure. Be it by yourself, with the family or with a Boy Scout Troop, you need to plan ahead. Both with the equipment and the meals. Planning each meal and knowing how much of what to take will save both times a headache down the road.

If you have never been camping and always wondered what the difference was between camping supplies and camping equipment. We can help you out.


There are a number of decisions and shops to choose from, we’ll just give you a few, and a general feeling of both.

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There is a difference! Camping gear refers to elements and equipment essential to staying safe while camping… Tents, sleeping bags, and stove pots for cooking and so on. While camping equipment is used for food, supplies, cleaning up the camp, etc. So if you are in the store or online to buy these items, you will know that there are definitely some differences between them.


Where can you purchase camping gear? Camping equipment actually is sold in many places but of course, not all gear is created equal. They are sold online and offline. The best places to get your camping gear and of course the more quality equipment are shops that specialize in outdoor sports and outdoor recreation. Those are some of the bigger ones. Then there is going to be the smaller more local spots around the area that will sell camping gear and equipment, and will most likely specialize in certain activities like hunting and fishing and focus their gear towards that activity.


Why are these stores so popular in the search for camping gear? They are popular because they have a wide choice of products to choose from. Although, if you need a larger collection of items, online shops are the way to go but sometimes the item (depending on what it is) is hard to find. We like to walk into a store and actually touch, feel and test out the product.


1. Another place to buy camping equipment, are certain department stores. Many of these types of locations have tents, sleeping bags and other camping equipment. The selection of these shops are not as extensive as what’s available in the bigger shops. Locations like Wal-Mart and Target will have a small section devoted to outdoor activities. However, the prices will be a bit lower.


2. Camping supplies can be purchased in any supermarket really. If you’re going weekend camping then the local supermarket is going to have what you need. Grab some ice and a cooler and you’re ready to go. If you say, hiking to the top of the mountain, you’re going to be eating some very different stuff! Stuff like vacuum sealed meals. Meals that will rehydrate after water is added, as well high-calorie foods, to help your body stay efficient and get you to the top of the mountain without losing energy.